Mats Jenséus

Welcome to my website!  I am a guitarist, composer, sound engineer and producer based in Göteborg-Sweden.


After a successful summer on the live tv-show

”Lotta på Liseberg?and a most happy experience with the broadcast of the grand finale of ”Svensktoppen Nästa?for the Swedish Radio,

I will now move on to Trägårn´ and the show

”Rock of 80´s?which opens 170209. 

I´ve also been sitting in with american band ”Gov´t Mule?and I will end this year with a concert at

Högfjällshotellet, Sälen on new years eve.

Right now I am really looking forward to sit in with my american friends in the band”Little Days ?at

Folkets Hus in Trollhättan 161218.

Mats Jenséus
Jenserious  music
Photo: Marcel  Pabst